Problem solved???

I get and have always gotten headaches and I just keep going… Never bothered to let them slow me down, even now…

Hubby is outside, just a little pissed, something got in the green house and damaged some baby pot plants… there just went a couple hundred dollars…

My first thought, chickens… our veteran neighbor who does not pen up his chickens an when they got babies, they take them out an teach them to scratch and pots with dirt are their favorite, why??? Because we live on lava rock, hello!!!

So I problem solved the most secure way to protect the greenhouse with our supplies an left the gate design to hubby…. and my head hurt the whole time…

I remember that as a familiar action or reaction to problems or issues or emergencies, yada, yada, yawn… and some anger, emotion and that’s all changed… so I am curious how I will respond to another medical emergency… I think my old self is finally back and I’ll just do the job… again, only time will tell if the chemical reaction in the brain is going back to what it was before the inflammation…

As for the neighbors chickens… not much we can do, but fix it, so they can’t hurt stuff we have growing… so looking forward to leaving here…

As for bangers… several drove by since I started this write and it be quiet… so no laughter yet on my part…. but the day is early….


Adorable Spite…. chicken conqueror….

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