No Shit Sherlock😂

The above link says they should reconsider your man made gods skin color…. REALLY???? What was your first clue???

The man was born from his mothers womb a child of rape an you yahoos are so afraid of their made up sins you buy into what never was!!!Heaven…

When you’ve died at the hands of fake christians you know the reality of death an heaven an hell are on earth an earth will never be exotic enough to produce a god except in the imagination of man to control YOU!!!!!

Mans fake god white….. What ignorance… GET a DNA test, you may find white pasty Americans are of African descent, I am AND DAMN PROUD OF MY WHITE ASS!!!!

Mans god isn’t white, he was born in the middle east an brown an black as your fake gods color….only bigots would believe white men an its fake god….

you can’t fix stupid, it has to want to be fixed an god worshipping is a man made religion to enslave women… doubt me, oh sweetie, I already proved what I wrote the last three years, whats your excuse…god????

Adorable Spite….. good morning😂😘an bangers just drove by 5:30Am…avoid Hawaii if you are looking for peace an quiet devoid of gods…

FYI, I do not need a god to know what is coming next… I pay attention instead of living with my head up mans ass…they kiss mine instead…. toodles, later…

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