Banger #1 this morning…

Last night the noise was so much our house rattled an shook…

This car is one of our Hawaiian bangers, such nice Aloha, reminds me of christians…

Will be more than happy to sell an leave the land that has beauty but filled with hate by Hawaiians….

Bully #1…..

So much for the Aloha con… the video is of him banging, but…the Ipad an cameras I have in use, Don’t do high speed recording an you need that for traveling sound….

But as you can see I thanked him

Oh these children have no idea who they have pissed off…May just have to set up a FB page an share, that should get their panties in a wad on Hawaii, since tourism is needed….

Personally, I wouldn’t waste my money here…Its extremely expensive, just to swim with dolphins for my niece cost me near $400 an Zip line was another $300… so spendy to come to a place people would just as soon as shoot you an take what isn’t theirs….

Adorable Spite….go vacation anyplace but Hawaii….

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