Beware about Hawaii home builders….

We have been flipping properties for about twenty years… Hubby has a degree in architecture an I have USDA home loan experience an lots of manuals read about construction…

We sold our last property in five minutes…. So we do know how an what to make a sale…inspection was clean…

This first pic is the place the builder put a board for lights an fans, see anything???

Once we realized they split the board, no fan could be mounted an it probably caused the ceiling dry wall damage from the fan we had up there vibrating….

The second pic just shows how a education makes a difference… Hubby measured, looked an measured several times before cutting the new hole… an success…

Nice solid foundation for a sixty inch fan, that will save us six thousand plus for AC split system..because we already put one in our bedroom an even hot, we are getting under cover, the large fan does that good an cheaper to use…

I went after Desert view builders in El Paso…they had no clue my training an after wasting money on a lawyer, I contacted CID…look it up….an I won an the builder lost…

Knowledge is power an we use it daily… Now I just hope my playing with signage we get a little quiet, if not, well Las Cruces didn’t like my repeated calls to the police, that is probably going to happen here, because I am fed up😈😈😈….

Adorable Spite…..

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