Bangers on big island Hawaii…. noise…Makuu street…

Want a nice peaceful, fun filled vacation????

Stay away from Hawaii…. The natives are turning ugly an trying to intimidate at 66 year old woman…. uh, have you read this blog????

I make bank presidents shake in their boots, I make directors of VA facilities beg me to back off, I make CEOs an CFOs quiver with my pen… all on file at the New Mexico State Attorney Generals office, the case report….filed in 2016….

Remember, I said I don’t like being messed with😈a couple thousand of those….

So the Hawaiian assholes want to play…. did I ever say I play fair??? Remember I read law… besides the cops told us a few weeks ago, someone has been driving them busy with complaints of loud noiseπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… So not me for once, which means.!?!?

They will get busted, think we had something to do with it an laughter will follow when they drive by very quiet and all I did…???

Start the war an let it play out… Fun huh????

Adorable Spite….

maybe nighty night, bangers kept me up last night….

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