Aloha Bangers…

Its getting hot an muggy on Hawaii an the natives are getting uglier… they do have a mafia… People disappear all the time an never found…lots of hiding places in lava tubes……

Sounds ugly huh??? Japan has the Yakuza, think I got that right… They are as bad as Trump an his mafia…

So ugly going on all around, why???

Because they can an no one is stopping them…. the anarchist….

It really is playing into my decision on staying or leaving… It is an always will be up to us, after the wipe out is over from the pandemic…

So, not wasting any more time on bangers… Night light will be visible from the road an we will see if they are smart or dumb as post… Most see the Ring an not the other four cameras…. an they don’t know how many Ring we have, wish it was less, total headache keeping things operational….hubby, total hands off…

Fan gets put in tomorrow, already hot up high….

Hoping psychology works or my Vimeo account will get renewed an the video will have to be cleaned up an set up other camera…sounds like a chore already….

But it would be a refresher course on what I used to do, memorials for veterans, like a slide show, but movie format…the software is challenging but they say learn new for old brains… guess I’m old…

Bangers are scared of a ole woman, who plans to bite back an leave marks… now just how do I do that???

Adorable Spite….

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