12:23 AM an Hawaii Bangers say sleep, not happening…

You know for such a beautiful place, the people are sure ugly…

The first banger to rattle the house, went by at around 11PM, woke from a not sound sleep… The next banger went by about fifteen minutes later… Drug runners on Makuu street… an where are the cops???

The last banger went by at 12:33 an as I stood at the window talking into the microphone… smile for the camera… they couldn’t have heard emergency services if they had been on their ass….

Hawaii, once a great place to visit an live…is being over run by thugs, the kind that follow Trumpie….

So much for Aloha… can not recommend this as a place for escape…you would be better off going to Caribbean…. at least there they want you to enjoy the islands, not so much on Hawaii…

I did get video an sound from the banger, but Rings night vision on moving vehicles is not that good….

So much for the Aloha con….

Adorable Spite….

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