Why does it happen???

I started my workout, doing legs first…already done a couple an last one I felt my spine align or shift, I felt it move as disc adjusted an as I stood from the squat that happened, says I did it right…

Got on elliptical an struggled to keep spine straight an not put pressure on knees an it happened….

Left side went numb… this happened in high school before the balance beam… this happened at basic training an it has happened repeatedly since the TV beating…

So, stenosis probably started that early because of that beating… the little girl on the front page who is getting her injured arm dug into by mommy dearest….

Memories, its amazing what I can do when my home is not invaded… Read my blog 5/30/2020 I Hear Your Beat….

This tells me I probably didn’t get the health care I needed when young… that changed on Japan… no wonder I looked malnourished….

Banger just drove by, think my message or reverse psychology is working….

Have a great day, got a feeling mine is going to be full of memories playing out to completion….

Adorable Spite…..

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