The 3 Stooges, Trump, Pence & Mcconnell….

Did you ever watch the 3 stooges??? or the Marx brothers??? I found their humor uninteresting and not stimulating… but I’m not a big TV fan, I watch more science and technology and medicine than anything else on TV… oh and the News from various sources… so for me, they weren’t and never have been entertaining…

Just like the 3 mentioned above have never been leaders, just thieves, lying to the American people and forcing their beliefs on us… so over white man’s bigotry….

Banging on Makuu street, well last night, my flap, let me let loose with a long and very loud…. Thank you for the Aloha… so those breathing exercises, have their benefits… but the throat is sore this morning… and it is only a couple of bullies still invading our home, but they dont’ get by, with out a thank you… land of Aloha is a con… but it is a beautiful environment… to bad the people aren’t that beautiful…. Me society is a christian society…

I find what is happening beyond weird… the loosey goosey feeling that happens ever so often and makes it a struggle to keep my neck and body correct and it’s been like that since Texas, Japan & Okinawa… so yea, spinal cord injury all 3 times… I miss sleeping without nightmares… sigh….

But I expected the PTSD to rear it’s ugly head as I venture into participating in my children’s lives that want us in them…. drama, life without drama was nice, but it still filtered in… so no avoiding, but I have learned how to deal and cope with it…

Hubby has continued good health, heart failure doesn’t give you warning, it just happens… his left ventrical in the lower lobe is dead… yet he has defied the odds to see another anniversary… which neither of us can believe we put up with each other so long….

Putting the stop to visitors is happening, granddaughter asked and we had to say no… No vaccine, no visitors… we are that vulnerable… how I wish we had chosen differently, but would I be aware if we had???

The exercise is making a huge difference, but as for the nerve endings communicating with my muscle, yada, yada, yawn… I think that issue started after the TV beating and neuropathy internally and externally started at age 5… and I got a feeling she hit the neck in that beating and might have done something to the spinal cord… I wouldn’t doubt it, I just don’t know enough of this kind of medicine, because spinal cord injury wasn’t on my radar for injuries… triple sigh…..

Cognitively… that is much better… the RING went off line yesterday, 2nd time in a couple weeks and I got frustrated and angry and took it out on Hubby, just a little nibble, compared to the past, and yet, I had both devices outside up and running in about 15 minutes, after the modem rebooted… so doubt hubby did it when he adjusted the light, looks like Charter went off line… need to remember to check that before I jump to conclusions…

It’s my understanding that the heat I get from my neck that goes to my head, is nerve damamge and that has gone on since the TV beating, per the PTSD nightmare I keep having… I want to tag Texas or Alabama… but my nightmare has us in Kansas, I think…. I was only 5 at the time…

But the stenosis, could have been triggered that early or it could be from spinal cord injury… until this next MRI is done… I won’t know for sure and I was told that if the injury wasn’t severe, their may not be evidence that can be picked out… they may just have to go on my injuries and symptoms… and that points to a Central spinal cord injury when I was young…

You have to keep in mind… I have my medical records on paper as far back as 1974….. that were military dependent records…. I turned 18 in 72…

So the records reflect to this day, I sustained no such injuries in my adult life… all evidence points to all injuries being sustained in the Bagwell household… Boo…. that should scare you…

What all this means, I can prove what happened, when it happened and who did it….

It means the Air Force covered up rape and attempted murder on a federal installation….

It means the Air Force covered up my death and subsequent abuse in Texas and Japan…..

Yep, you want to see corruption???

Walk into a church or the White House or U. S. Senate…..

Sgt. USAF DAV, I remember… Margie….

Adorable Spite…..

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