Aloha is a crock….

Its been a day of bullies up an down Makuu street, lost my temper an called one young bitch a bully as she hit the boom before she even got close…..

What gets me, 90% have been Hawiian….so much for respecting, land, elderly an tradition… This is a society corrupted by white mans religion an will never stand on their own, because they will never beat the white man, when they are hooked on the white mans slavery, called religion….

Hawaii, once a wonderful place to live an be family… Now its how much can I take an hurt you an leave you wishing Hawaii was a place you never heard of….

This is truly sad…. Oh well, never down, anger will pass…but my thousands that would have got spent locally, just got spent on the mainland instead ….

I will no more reward our children or grandchildren for poor behavior an disrespect… Why would I reward a community hell bent on making my life in my prison miserable????

That new $65,000 truck just got bought out of Idaho…shipping is cheap an all Hawaii gets is the sales tax…

Like I wrote, I talk with my checkbook, plastic or credit…. That would have made someone a nice commission at the Dodge dealership, not anymore…

Adorable Spite…..

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