Young and dumb, were you??? Ever???

We were just talking about the dental implants and if I go forward and the pandemic doesn’t stop it from happening… what I would be giving up, to do this???… Smoking medical pot…

Yea, I know, it’s not like cigs and not as much issues with the smoke, but it is still a carcinogen, geez did I spell that right left eye blurry… anyway… if I want the implants to work and join with my bone… no smoking of any kind… but that’s not why I turned the pc on to write… it’s about the title….

I’m very glad, this last episode of lost time or memory… I was married to someone that could support me, as I navigated the nightmare of dreams of long ago…. but not even he knew what I was really going through, until Nov 7, 2017….

As a kid, teenager, I was a relatively good kid… I didn’t go seeking sex, it found me and no had no value anymore then, as it does today…

I prefered dating GI’s, because they could wine and dine me and most were on their way to Vietnam and I was like having a sister or missing girlfriend or wife… I do hope those guys made it home… Randy, Wayne, John, Tom… so many young ones….

By the time the last blow to my head at 17 years old… my personality changed and I guess in a good way, because oh, was I wanted around…. and not in that way, get your mind out of the gutter… I was fun… okay… adventreous….

One marriage failed and I met my son’s father and off to Italy…. by the time it was all said and done, I had a son and was in the Air Force 2 months after his birth….

And it started… the wild side and oh boy, did I have a wild side… by this time it’s been 6 years since that last blow to my head… and the stenosis and neuropathy were playing cat and mouse…. but my personality was doing the same….

That lasted a couple years and I remarried for the long haul 9 years… after that ended… I went back to having fun and working my ass off….. and found… I wasn’t interested in the party life anymore… and I was questioning, why everyone talked about their childhood and I never mentioned mine…..

By the time hubby and I married, I was waking up… and the brain started looking for answers… I have to admit, the memory I had earlier… Spokane VA was helping and we were getting there and something happened and 20 years later here we are…

I remember….

I thought at one time I would blush like no tomorrow, when I thought of some of the outrageous things I did… but, you know what… I don’t regret one step along the way… not one marriage, not one lover, not one adventure… because they all gave me memories to cling to when Margie was trying to find her way home…moments of sanity, love and caring, during the chaos…

No I have no regrets over being young or old and dumb… I live life… I don’t fear it, because it has been taken from me more than once by those who know their god….but they lost , oh they lost so much…. why???

Because I remember…. Margie...

Adorable Spite..

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