Responsibility… do you own yours???

We as a people have been raised in America to think of the family dynamic as one… we are a family, generational… yet we are tearing families apart at the border, for no other reason, than bigotry… no other reason… and every yahoo that shows up to a Trump rally, I try to imprint as many as possible, so I can go out of my way and avoid their state, their county and their bigotry…. wow..

Got a long messeage from my daughter… taking on the responsiblity of another human in my world is not one I take lightly… so many do an build upon fake relationships and when you end them… you go through what we went through with my late father in laws wife…

I digress… When you read my blog… this is MY story and opinions and experiences…...

This is not to be taken as medical advice, psychological advice or spiritural advice… this is me… telling my story, from my perspective… after extensive psychological testing, proving the Air Force lied and covered up a crime…

So Please if you read my blog….

You are reading a true story, about crime, hate and bigotry in America, by every color of skin under the sun and every religion… because they did one thing….

Threw away their HUMANITY for man’s gods and mans rewards…..

Adorable Spite….

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