Proud Momma…. not what ya think…

Okie dokie, last night hubby goes on about cutting the road side of the property and not let the HOA do it, because we are trying to grow a privacy hedge between us and the road….

So yada, yada, yawn, read the, oh yea ya can’t, I deleted it… ooops….

So what am I proud about… hubby problem solved the what ifs and proability of those what ifs…. and the what if just drove by…. lol, totally lost yet… okay, back story…

We own a acre and the HPP has an easement of 10 to 20 feet into our road side of the property… an we want this hedge to grow, because the vine stuff, loves to climb old fencing… an we just replaced fencing in the yard to use for the hedge, which is growing so damn fast, Ring camera won’t be much good for road shots…

Anyhow… so hubby, figures it out, if he lets HPP do the job, they are going to get real close to that fence we established a couple months ago and is almost covered…. so he went out this morning with his big toy… you know boys and their toys… but I loves me some tonka… my favorite big toys… and he cleans up the road side ….

As I sit down to just do something else, the HPP big mower with the arm drove by, arm extended, but not down… getting in position for the acre after us….

Hubby, foresaw the problem and cut it off, before someone elses choices impacted ours…

And that is how you grow…. now self awareness… that one is a pipe dream, but he’s good enough to keep and a great husband and dad… self awareness comes with its own draw backs…

Anyhow, since this is a goofy diary type thing… This shows me, hubby isn’t sleeping while he is living… he’s learning and living… you never get to old to learn…. and atheist will die old and well informed….with his or her ass face up for the world to kiss as they pay their respects…. now get that thought out of your head…. later….

Adorable Spite…..

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