My big boy growls, I pay attention….

Our big pup… all 100 pounds of him… trained by me… I don’t even have to say a word, just make a sound, an not a specific sound… it’s how I do it, an they are out the door, looking… they have no clue, of course, but, I got the response I wanted… tell ya how safe our home is??? and yes, they will bite… if I tell them too….

So the confab… this has bugged me for a couple months… not my body or all the issues, I’m dealing with… no this is a neighbor, who literally creeps me out…

Nice looking man, told us his age, ours… pleasant, or you would think that with his demeanor…. but when my big boy growls…. I look for what he see’s that I missed…

Ever use a dog to teach you about body language??? They can teach you ever so much… if you watch and most of all listen… but Pups behavior, just reinforced my own intution on the man and when I talked with hubby, he had the same vibe….

So I guess the question to you, if you haven’t dumbed your brain down with Face Book & Twitter and Instagram and Tik-tok, what ever….

Do you use your intution???? Remember I said I have an ability… is this it???

We are all born with inate abilities and as we grow, those abilities help us navigate life, until we are told about gods, idols, superstitions and voodoo and all of a sudden you are living in the world blind as a new born pup because of the fears invoked by these entities…

I just giggled on this… my siblings, well, I would say at least 3, are intelligent… but they dumbed down their brains with archaic stories and myths, instead of listening to that little devil on their shoulder…… called….

Humanity….. who do you listen too??? Stories of mystical things out of Harry Potters world or Science, who tell us about the stars we are made of??? One in reality one in the world of snake oil… Red pill, blue pill….

Back to chores….

Adorable Spite…..

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