Good morning world of Censors playing man made gods….

Start the day off running some background test, checking my VPN, checking if the blog is still being censored an IT IS….

Isn’t it amazing a lil ole woman has WP, FB, Twitter panties in a knot…

Now of course I tried other platforms, but for the blog, just the above, an my goodness you would think I was the man made anti christ… but nope just lil ole me, proving Democracy is an illusion an the rich peeps like Koch brother’s, who pretend to care about America….are just frigid christians an muslims who want you to have sex their way only, no manual included but their religious rhetoric…

So if you think Democracy is real??? Well you didn’t get under there skin like I did….an just a FYI I got that key to those closets….

Law 230 needs to go bye bye so we can sue these yahoo’s playing god with our democracy, because Russian, China an N. Korea are all for shutting democracy down…I would say they are successful if you use FB or Twitter…. you are being told how to think instead of being an individual…sheep to the slaughter… yep, you can’t fix stupid….

Adorable Spite…..

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