“F” Eureka….

I tell ya, 3 herniated disc go back in place and all of a sudden it’s Margarita vile…. on steroids….

My neck, when did I feel the first pressure on my esphoagus???

I used to love to wear dicki’s… remember those, I think they used them on Howard on the Big Bang…

Well I used to, love turtle neck shirts and dress’s and choker necklaces…. used too…. when did that start to change…

As a kid, I loved wearing the clothing… jewelry wasn’t in the mix yet… by the time I went in the Air Force… I found I didn’t like tight things on my neck and our uniforms, could be a lil tight around that neck… that was my first clue something was wrong… and I told the Air Force doctors and got told, it’s in your head and they put that in writing and used it to discharge me… boy were they dead on… it was in my head and I used that kind of evidence to win my 100% from the VA… now Imagine if I had known about the brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, yada, yada, I would have been 100% effective my application for VA benefits… because the Air Force was going to make sure rape and attempted murder didn’t get publized…. so VA was my target…

And I won…13 years after discharge, I was rated 100%, yada, yada, yawn… it was made permanent while we were in Arkansas….

So what’s that got to do with my neck and pressure…. Everything… there was proof in front of them and all they could do is what Trump is doing to America….


Your voice is your vote…. guess you are wondering why I don’t like turtle necks anymore????

Remember the boob incident… the hand marks on my neck in the school picture on my front page…

I think we know when my spinal cord was damaged officially… though I doubt it got missed during the first 7 years, but by the 8th year of life… those hand prints tried to snuff out my life… Didn’t they Freda????

Yea, that all flashed before my eyes, as I was cleaning…. there is no more just PTSD nightmares, now they are waking flash’s of PTSD….

So since the Boob incident, when dear Peggy was embarassed as a 6 year old… my spinal cord got injured….

Just a FYI, Peggy told me, just as she was trying to shut down my blog…. she got slapped once…..

Yep, want to read cinderella, sleeping beauty and beauty and the beast in one story????

You are reading it…. I haven’t got the imagination to make this crap up….

Adorable Spite….

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