Division, submission, capitulation…..

I never like worrying about our kids, I doubt anyone does… and when that does happen, it triggers memories from my youth and most of all my habits….

I mentioned in one write that I got into the chocolate exlax in the frig at night when my insides hurt…. and would usually steal a piece of bread…

I was around 8 when this started… the TV interview beating was a couple years before and the symptoms of neuropathy were already apparent, and I do what I do best, live by my instincts….

But the stenosis hadn’t started yet… we still lived in Alabama and I still played with the twins in the big white house and we still rode our bikes and walked the dangerous grounds of an old industrial park….

We get to Bonita, Don is in Vietnam, my mouth was still with me, an issue, and so was my memory, but not like you think… I still could remember everything… so I am age 12…. and Don returns from Vietnam on emergency, because Freda kept having panic attacks… guess I would too if I got pregnant, with the hubby gone…

We get to Texas, the baby on it’s way and no hiding the fact it isn’t Don’s… those kids of us old enough knew and of course, I never forgot…

Baby is born and all hell breaks loose and oh my goodness did the christians show me what their antichrist looks like….. Human…..

My body not healed from all the previous injuries, and my body didn’t know that the nerve damage was so great, things no longer communicated like they should, but their were clues… so Freda an Don attack Larry and I, who are trying to stop the carniage… such good christians beating on their kids…

I ended up out of it, early on… severe TBI, stroke, and brain stem injury…. and I was hoping that darkness would never lift… but it did…

Larry got sent to his dad, covered in bruises, I never saw him again until 2002, in Washington state… that meeting creeps me out to this day…

Don locked up in a psych ward, and Freda playing the part of her life… getting the attention and lying every step along the way and still is today… isn’t that so, mommy dearest… such nice christians…

Off to Japan they ship us and oh, the memories were coming back… I was remembering all they did to me in Texas and I made a remark as I walked in the door and Freda and Peggy about shit….

The next thing I remember… Don is beating me up again… after the 2nd blow and being slung around like a rag doll…. another injury to the spinal cord brain stem… a bleed on the brain…. and they hide me away….

I just sat here and relived every attack as if it happened yesterday… only because, the physical pain never stopped after the TV interview beating at age 5….

61 years I’ve walked with physical pain, only because I did what christians couldn’t do and still won’t….

Tell the truth….

Adorable Spite…. is here to stay….

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