When it Rains it Pours…

Ironic, go to bed, no nap during the day, expect to sleep like the dead and get woke up around 2AM and that’s all she wrote… the dream wouldn’t let me go back to sleep or the PTSD nightmare….

My guess is the TV interview is around the time of the injury to the spinal cord and possible brain stem injury… and I say this with good cause…

Because I’ve been looking for this one specific answer, since the day I became 18….

Why do I throw up for no reason, regardless time of day or night… regardless activity or food content in my stomach… why will I get woke from a sound sleep and need to throw up????

The answer to that question is the Vagus nerve…. I wrote that we were at Johnny’s visiting in Louisiana is my guess by the picture and we get in the fancy car, not sure who owned it, I’m in the front seat between Johnny and Don and I barf everyplace… I place my age at 6 years old…

I mean I spewed as if I was doing the exorcist… by Linda Blair, which I saw when I was 6 months pregnant with my first kid… laughed so hard when we left the theatre, people headed to the church next door… best laugh ever…

Throwing up is something I absolutely hate and never understood why, except, that I always felt exhausted after and I felt like I was starving after and the taste was awful….

I can be laying in bed and the urge to puke hits and I have to fight it, or spend the next hour, emptying my stomach contents… and remember the body purge I wrote about??? Last one lasted over 24 hours and hubby had to listen to me scream and the doctor said, why didn’t you go to the ER??? For what??? I’ve been asking questions since I went active duty in 77…. doctors are not know all, an see all… they are as ignorant as mans god Jesus….

So the eureka moment I’ve been looking for, since I asked the question, why…. has an answer….

It’s possible, because of the shaken baby syndrome injuries and the abuse Freda inflicted up till that beating over the TV interview…. and that is the start of the neuropathy, adhesions, spinal injury, brain injury….

All by Freda, with a little of Don’s help… But Freda is the culprit and executioner…. I plan to be the grave digger….

I have lots to read… spinal injury was not on my radar, thanks to military and VA doctors… whom I’ll never listen to another moron working for those institutions….

Civilian health care all the way… as I put the large check in the mail that arrived via a bill from the eye doctor and that’s just one doctor… money going out the door, when the government is suppose to be my provider… instead the government is trying very hard to shut me up….

Vagus nerve… I researched the hippocampus and other things, when I knew the thyroid drug was a mistake on the part of the health care professionals and since no one wanted to listen to me an label me hysterical… thank you morons for writing it all down in my military and VA medical records… you gave me the evidence of your incompetence and medical mal practice…

How many more veterans have to suffer because you yahoos believe in their made up god???? How many lives for a fantasy figure in your head???

Cowards to the end… idol worshippers…. 3AM was not what I planned for the day, but it’s started and at some time, I have to sit down and start reading again, so I understand the ramifications of that type of injury, that not one military or VA doctor caught… just like all the other issues, I identified and they verified… so much for college education… it doesn’t make you smart, you just passed tests and it’s pretty obvious, I didn’t even need to do that….

Sgt. USAF DAV, never will I play down my intelligence for any stupid human that says gods exist….

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