U.S. Postal, sigh…

So I got this costume jewelry stuff, that needs using an thought, make necklaces for my great granddaughter so she can play dress up with sparkly jewelry… So we tried mailing the first one an it got flagged???

You remember what it was like to get mail as a kid, an during a pandemic, hello….

So now we got to expose our old senior ass in public, because they want a declaration on a $5 plastic necklace???

Okay Trumpism paranoia has hit the postal service …. True story…

So now what… well, it looks like subterfuge an only one trip to post office… Make up all that I had planned, put them in a flat rate box, with it filled with envelopes that her granma can give to her over time, thinking they came by snail mail one at a time….

Trump has destroyed what once was already a fragile society… at this rate women will be segregated by size, color, texture an breeding ability….

Doubt me….lol, sweetie, I already proved the last couple years, jump on board for a bumpy ride….because Trump isn’t going out quietly…..

Adorable Spite

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