Margie struck oil last night….

Can’t ask anyone this question, cause I don’t care… true story…

Just thinking… what is going to be more interesting for me to write about???

My six marriages and the status of a couple isn’t bad at all… impressed boys, impressed, with where you got… not where you been… yep sarcastic to the core… thanks mommy…. naw I own it….

So, the question I got running through this mass of grey cells… How should I write this???

Write the story of Margie or Maggi…..

Margie was first…. and according to the text books, Maggi is the by product… so who does that leave…???

Why little ole Adorable Spite…

When I go back over the text book behavior for brain injury…. I was the walking, talking, acting personification of the text book and oh lordy, did I have fun… I mean come on… Married 6 times before 40…. Hello…

Or do I just write the story of what happened to a child, because christians are mentally ill and will justify all kinds of crimes, in the name of their man made gods and idols….

I told hubby, if the MRI shows spinal cord injury…. how pathetically sad, anyone allowed any of this to happen… and all in states in the south, that call themselves christians…. I call them for what they are… Cowards…

Margie, or Maggi…. I thing we have transitioned to….

Adorable Spite….

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