Watching the madness gets old…

How about you??? Had enough of the mental illness playing out for the whole world to see???

Putin is a typical KGB… never felt intimidated in my life, unitl those 2 agents stood in front of my desk at 5th AF protocol office…. imagine craning your neck up to look at 2 dudes at least 7 feet tall and built like a brick shit house… total Russian….

Out of all my experiences in Protocol… that one stands out… because I felt intimidated… The Bush’s didn’t impress me, I was in hands reach of a couple dozen senators and the Dole’s are the ones that impressed me the most… Met generals, that have since served at the white house and I met some of their spouses… those people were more fun, than the celeberties or politicians…..

So for me… all I cared about, was the General coming out and stating they were for America and not going to be manipulated by Trump… The constitution is what we swore to defend… once that happened… it’s just all drama from here on out… and if you pay attention, you will see the pattern of lying that the religiouos do, so you will buy their snake oil… if you watch…and see….

There will be a bad depression, unlike any we have ever seen, only because the GOP refuse to act…, now if they do, before Biden takes office… well the GOP will go down in history for doing ONE right thing… if they don’t???…

I hope my kids are ready for what is coming… I’m on Hawaii and not going to be much help, except moral support… I’m paying for my medical and that took from what could have been support.. so thank you Veterans administration… and Trump…

Will things turn around… no clue at this moment in time… I’m just telling you, like I have done through this whole blog, my opinion… or is it just that???

Time, like all things in writing… proves or disproves…. and the question is, have I yet to be wrong???…

So for us, it’s get ready, stock up, like it’s going to get real bad, because this virus, isn’t going to play politics or lie to you about gods… This virus is going to take what it wants, and no amount of reasoning or Trump logic, will change it’s outcome….

But you can… wear a mask, wash hands, social distance and most of all get a flu shot, so you know if you are sick, it’s probably not the flu but Covid and you can get life saving help… Time is always precious in medicine, though you wouldn’t know it in America…


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