Covid 19 Zombie Look….????

Have you or lets put it this way, DO you pay attention???

Have you noticed, every person who got knocked on their ass with Covid, how it changed them..???? Have you seen the facial differences of those who had the virus an peeps like hubby an I, who I do not think we have had it…because of this one lasting feature of Covid….It sinks your eyes… Remember those are the windows to your soul an this virus is taking from that soul….

If you buy into mans god, good luck, because this virus is coming for you an that seems to be the pattern…. it’s attacking the suedo religious an it shows for all to see…

Mans god isn’t powerful at all…. but earths virus is….that should be your wakeup call before you sell your soul to man…for a heaven they made up, which is Trump an Kavanaugh speciality…. LIE…..


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