3 herniated disc between c1-7…….

Ya know, I can read law, can’t stand Insurance or Probate…but Law I can read, understand an use… How do you think I took on our government??? Sitting on my ass??? Nope, figured out I could read law an made use of the ability…. Easy peasy….. an law isn’t all that convoluted like medicine….

That is just my opinion…we all get one, just are we right or wrong or is their a grey area….

Reason for the write… Since those 3 disc in my neck went in place freaking us both out of our skin… things have changed…

Now I did college, took courses, read an remember some, enough to catch hubbys heart failure an skin cancer twice, plus learn what I could comprehend…didn’t say I understood, just comprehend what I read… an I knew that herniated disc could create the problem…

I just didn’t connect the dots… an blew it on myself… hubby I’m batting a thousand, me, not so much an I have to look at the psychology on that an am aware, I let doctors talk out their ass an I listened, unfortunately….Not anymore…..

The mandible an maxillary are finally back in place… the pressure on my esophagus, happens when I move wrong an that nerve test already said autonomic, so, the spasms an swallowing an everything…. is still mildly impacting an triggers are well known… Eating is a whole new painful experience an I don’t mean teeth, its getting it down to the tummy…

All of these health issues, because Freda had to have sex out of marriage and she couldn’t control me, because I knew her secrets…. That closet got blown 6 decades ago….


Margie, I’m remembering….

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