What happen to those 4 years?????

My heart is racing out of my chest…. hubby, he is so damn good…. I started talking and he let me and it happened, eureka moment… what happened to those four years…. I can remember all the other years…. What happen to those four!???

So I guess you are wondering what I be going off on???

Remember I told you about the hairbrush, the old fashion long handle kind….

I was a toddler, just learning to walk, so proud of myself I giggled with glee and as I put my hands on the front of the TV, I felt it… the blow against my backside with that old hair brush and it broke… so yea, she hit a baby that hard with a wooden or plastic hair brush… such nice christians…

All I remember after that initial blow, she was enraged…. and my memories pick up being interviewed on a kids TV show around the age of 5, just before my 6th birthday…..

I lost 4 to 5 years…. What did she do to me??? What did she do to that baby??? How did she hurt me????

I can remember all the years of my life, except those few years…. and my aunt Margaret, nicknamed Tiny, told me just a couple years ago… she says…. “M… you have been through a lot”?

No clue what she is talking about, I left home at 18, we left for Japan at 14, so I never saw her or the family till we came back from Okinawa in 72…

So What Have I Been Through?????

I’m guessing that span of years I have no memory of, may just be our Eureka moment on when the actual injuries happened and why nothing got done in Texas…

So lets do a consipiracy theory type thing okie dokie….

Freda did the shaken baby syndrome???? Honest I just went blank… and flashed on pictures of me as a toddler outside with someone playing, or staged pictures, not sure, not many pictures of me little and does that explain it???

If I can remember all my years on this planet, but not the years from age 1 to 5…. what happened, what got injured and how and by whom????

There is something more to this, than I can not see at this point in time…

The neurologist is reasonably sure I will remember everything and the barriers are coming down so fast my head is swimming… but I know me and I know, one wrong step and I will put a stop to remembering….

It’s not so much fear that will make me do it…

It would be the final break with my birth family….. my humanity will win out, because they gave me up for their man made god and idols…

Margie, I remember…..

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