Tulsa Trump Rally….

Anyone else notice the color of hair an skin at Trumps rally???

Anyone else notice that the majority of those at the rally were obese, flaccid an mostly pale???

Anyone else notice that 97% of the people at Trumps rally were white pasty christians????

Want to talk about Oklahoma being the bigot state of the nation??? I lived there for seven years….. Want to talk about bigotry in America????

No…. Thats okay, neither did those the Nazis exterminated… Still think you are safe when you have incest of bigotry perpetuating hate among each other????

Never met a christian yet that I didn’t want to put six feet under an I never met a bigot yet that had humanity an I never met a christian that didn’t take what wasn’t theirs….

Yep pandemic, Trump an christians the perfect storm to thin out the weak of mind, heart an soul….

Ya know if they would just keep their holes shut an hands to themselves we would let them be, but they just have this need to control what was never theres…. Our souls….

They aren’t for sale to your man made gods, thats what prisons are for, for your corruption as christians…against humanity…

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie… Trumpie isn’t worth even talking about anymore, but you christian bigots are😈😈😈…

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