Quit bugging me WP…

Not interested in getting another email address for this site or any site…

I’ve put up with censorship on so many platforms, why do I want to communicate with anyone???…

Someone wants to contact me… use the blog…. I got nothing to hide…. Hello!!!

So, please Word Press, no more suggestions for email for Adorable Spite… She’s not interested… She has already paid to be censored, why would she pay anyone for anything else, just to get more censorship????

I’ll pass kids…

Like I’ve said in my blog, I talk with my pocketbook or checkbook or plastic… what ever you use…. I’m not…

If the Google, Face Book, Twitter and Word Press had been above board, 100% honest with consumers…. you would have had a customer for life… but since you decided to pull a Trump act….

As it stands now… you have to earn my business and when this blog expires… this year late…. what are the chances of me renewing???….

I can’t be bought, or haven’t you figured that out yet… I’m not christian, muslim, jewish, catholic, baptist or buddist….

I was born an atheist with values and I will die an athesit with values…

So no more suggestions kids, it’s getting very old… If I want your help, I’ll ask or you can read the blog….

Adorable Spite…..

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