Lets back up….

Shaken baby syndrome, may have happened, but… I don’t think I sustained any injuries that would have been lasting… if other abuse hadn’t happened… but do I think that is the spinal cord injury moment???

I don’t think so…

Do you know how tiring it is to maintain posture and fight this your whole life… to flexible… okay….

The reason I don’t think it was during the first 5 years of life, because of one thing…. Just because I didn’t make memories the first few years of life, doesn’t mean I suffered a injury to the brain…

This is where things get time line mixed… After the TV interview beating… I made some sporadic memories and all of a sudden, I’m repeating 4th grade and with my brain, really?????

So that tells me the stragulation or the beating… what ever Freda did that time… she is still the one that did the damage…

If I hadn’t lost time during this time period… I would have to go for Texas….

But am I right??? Because when we were in Bonita, while Don was in Vietnam, I rode my bike down and saw a teacher I had for 1st or 2nd… don’t remember for sure on that grade… but I remember the teacher… she reminded me of the guy my mom screwed, while dad was in Nam….

Lets just say, as the memories jell and I start to melt in this hot office…. I got a feeling between Alabama and Texas, lies the answers…

Ya know, this is one hell of a ride… who needs TV, I got my own non stop rodeo on a merry go round…..

Margie, I remember….

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