I trying…

So this app has changed, like all apps do… Ya know, I have 48 apps on the Iphone an probably same on the pad…. an I haven’t a clue how 75% of them work… Except they update, came with the phone an I maybe someday will bother to learn them or not…. The ones I knew I would never use got deleted when I bought the phone…

Saying that, I am trying to learn this goofy app… played on the PC an see where I can add pics, yada yada yawn… just took some exploring an thats just it, I Don’t want to explore, I want it star trek easy….

I took all the share crap off, no clue if they worked anyway, other platforms don’t like my honesty…. so this is my only toy, for now…

Honest kiddos, no clue what I want to do with this site, but until Trump, GOP an evangelicals are run out of Americas politics…

I will be here to have fun with the stupid… They literally ask for it, come on, ya know I’m right…😈😈😈we all been down the road of brainwashing, some of us just escaped is all…..

See you on the darkside, why… because I’m your ?????

later… M

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