For the record… edited

PT…. I told the kid about my left rib cage and I also told him about breaking two ribs on my right side and didn’t seek care for 3 months, which did freak everyone out, that I sustained a bad break that could have punctured my lung… yep, I have a high tolerance for pain… men are such babies… true story… I got one…

Anyhow… for the record…. because I broke two ribs on my right side, when they seize up, is what PT told me, they will pull my left side out of position and cause me pain… so, nope, not CPR damage from Texas… I did this to myself…

You got to own it, when you are on this kind of journey…. I know the injuries I gave myself and I know all the injuries christians and the military and VA gave me… and guess what……

My own injuries I did to me, I can count on one hand… It takes both hands and feet to count the government health care fuck ups….

Do you know I only ever needed 2 surgeries… EVER!!!!

1… tonsils… had to go, always infected….

2….rectocell, because the GYN doctor who delivered my 2nd and last child, cut me… the surgeon who repaired it Feb 14, 2018, showed me the scar…

Those are the only surgeries I should have ever had… want to know what the military and VA did and civilian doctor???

Appendectomy at 6 months pregnancy, nothing wrong with the appendix…

2 hysterectomy procedures on perfectly good organs….

1 adhesions procedure to correct the above procedures, my small bowl was being cut in half by scar tissue and the AF said I was lying… I got the surgery and surgical report, 1 year after discharge……

3 bladder surgeries

2 breast reductions………………………..

None of these surgeries should have been done… if anyone had done neurological workup, instead of telling me I was faking everything…. my body would be whole, I wouldn’t be on 100% Disability from the VA……

So all the government did, was add to the problems… and you guys really trust American health care????? Really???? I don’t…. Now you get why I read so much medical stuff, informed… is staying alive…. and they haven’t buried me yet, not from lack of trying… the last time it was the VA trying to kill me and that can be proven… their are witness’s….. just got to have a lawyer….

Anyway, the rib cage thought of CPR in Texas, dismissed… and the more stuff that comes up… the more it looks like Freda was the one that seriously hurt me, before the age of 2…. and I got a feeling that is when the spinal cord injury happened….

As for the TBI & stroke we know I had…. if the flash of memory I have of Texas is accurate, I was thrown against something and hit my head and probably had a silent stroke or the like with a severe TBI….

Regardless… this just shows how close I am getting to the end of this journey…

The swelling in my neck is greatly reduced… as long as I am super careful… the brain is getting what it needs by blood flow and oxygen… but I’ll tell ya straight up… last night in bed, showed me just how dangerous what I have in my neck right now and always will have thanks to christians beating upon a baby… an you call yourselves good people??? On what planet??? Mars????

Enough writing for the morning, this was draining, because I remembered big time this morning…now to digest it all….

Have a great day, stay safe and get out and vote….

Margie, I remember…..

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