When the Magic is gone….

Poor Trumpie… not much of a turn out..all peeps did, show their bigotry for all to see….

Ya know, I knew when the Air Force lied about Texas… it didn’t surprise me when my career was sacrificed for image an more than one life damaged in that bigotry to protect men… So over Air Force an the low life’s that came from it….

Acknowledging my bit of brain power, has only officially been done once, an that was El Paso VA Psych dept through an evaluation that said I had above average intelligence… putting IQ above 115, but below 136 for the gifted, I think thats the range…read the junk a long time ago…

I can’t prove the memory from Japan on IQ testing… I know I had my son tested but think that was for ADHD, not IQ… so no firm memory, I have to let it go…and go with paper proof from El Paso VA… it is what it is…

If you can’t confirm a memory as valid, especially someone like me you have to be aware or you cheat yourself… honest to the end… Have a feeling that was more a dream, vivid, but still a dream…

I wrote before, learning for me is, by doing an observing… Well that can’t be right… I taught myself how to rebuild computers, been doing that since 96… Had a programming course the AF sent me to on Japan… but thats it…

Taught myself how to cook, sew, knit, do clay, play piano, make intricate jewelry, my displeased ex mother law got the best I ever made… now its on to making ornaments for a tree we don’t own…We have zero christmas stuff, oh wait we got one of those laser lights never used😏😳😂…taught myself how to do some minor car things…would not even try with my new one, deer in headlights moment when I saw the engine, I recognized nothing, neither did my mechanic hubby…lol

At one time proving my smarts had value, because the Air Force devalued me an my children… surprised my blood pressure didn’t rise on that thought… in the end, tax payers pay for my lifestyle…I giggle on that… being a prisoner of your home, nice as it may be, isn’t living, its existing, an thats all the U.S. government is letting me do…exist…. an you think you are safe??? Count your blessings Trump is going away an our military is staying A political…

I don’t dwell on what ifs about what was stolen from me… nope, I’m just working towards putting all this to rest as soon as it will let me an I write the story an publish Margies story… That day, when I put my pen aside, I’ll know its time for a new chapter….

Margie, I remember only because my neck is letting me… go figure something is always in control… it could be boogeymen 😈😇…

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