Pinch me please… squeal….

My bite… My damn bite of my mouth… occlusion I think it’s called…

I can remember my bite being off through out my life and that tells me when my neck was herniated!!!!! EUREKA!!!!!

Okay, not going off on this too fast and miss some detail… my first memory of my bite being off…. as I sit here and focus… I can’t come up with a memory prior to Okinawa….

I remember going to the dentist at Naha and X-rays showed I had 3 teeth that grew across my palet, instead of erupting through the gums in normal position… and that’s about the time Don knocked me across the room by hitting my head left to right…. so the left side of my head got the impact…

Now I know this hernia had to happen more than once… because I know that’s what they did to me on the operating table at the El Paso VA and covered up their screw up… someone really needs to go after these facilites before more veterans die… VA death care, got nothing good to say about them…

So, 17 neck was herniated…. I go through basic training at 23 and at 24 a doctor is manipulating my body, realigning it… only problem I can’t remember him doing my neck, doesn’t mean he didn’t, I just don’t remember that paticular treatment, I remember all the other things he did, but not the neck… but anyhow… that must have helped…

By the time I’m out of service and on Japan working… something happens and here is the aha moment kiddos…. that flu…. that time I bowled a perfect game up to the 10th frame… any ideas???

How about that fall while camping and I have the chin scar to prove… got no one left to tell, because hubby the ex is dead an the adopted famiy have abdicated…. but I bet you I jammed my neck so hard, I herniated it and add the flu… that would explain the foggy memory of the last bit of time on Japan….

Okay, that means neck herniated in 67, 68, 71, 85 and the last time… 2011 on the operating table at the El Paso VA…. just as I was getting my memories back… because why you ask???

Remember, 2010, I stood in Freda’s kitchen I helped pay for and told her…. I was missing memory… her reply to me….

Some things are best not remembered….

cowards I have no use for cowards and my blood pressure just went up… yep, I’m still pissed off…. death can’t happen soon enough for that viper…

Anyhow…. herniated neck I can account for….

1967 near death Texas

1968 Johnson AFB off base housing

1971 Naha AFB base housing

1985 Japan, camping

2011 El Paso VA operating table Nov

The neck is aligned right now, but PT warns me, it’s not that stable, so what I feel is actual weakness…

It will take time to make myself stronger and learn how to do it all without causing myself more harm and pain….

50 plus years in the making…. and answers I’m finally getting… pays to out live the bastards that did this… I’m hoping to get the sealed military records, but I figure, give Biden time to get into office and put America back on it’s feet and then raise 7 kinds of holy hell that only a ex federal employee knows how to do effectively… As Trumpie is finding out…. I have done 6 times already, whats another battle with corruption???

So my bite, being off, tells me when my neck was herniated… and makes me glad that they didn’t make me new partials… they would have to be redone anyway… my bite has changed again and the dentures don’t align correctly… this just gets more weird every day….

Margie, I remember….

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