Only the Weak minded???

Watching news an a young person, female says…. I Trust My Immune System…. thankfully I had finished my coffee or it would have been spewed all over the dogs laying in front of me…

So the child in an adult body is psychic… she knows exactly how her red blood cells react to the Covid protein???

Well one thing is for sure, telling educated from crazy is getting harder an telling insane from cuckoo, just went out the door on that girls comments, because adults who are normal, would never say they know their immune system… X-ray or microscopic vision humans do not have, no matter the eye-ware Trump is selling…

Once you buy into snake oil, I got nada…. because My door is closed to you yahoos…..

So things are playing out in our personal lives the way I expected…

When you read random blog posts instead of following, you are going to take the bog out of context…an guilt will make you imagine what ever you imagined….

So, yep, people are behaving in the pattern that they have been living, with us along for the ride an all of a sudden, I spell the rules out an oh dear…someone got their panties in a wad….

The game rule has Always been…if I open the door, an let you in, its not your rules of engagement that tell the tell…. you walked into my world an exclusive world….

Ya know, hubby don’t talk much, never has…but he does let me know how he feels about behavior of others an unlike me, he won’t say anything…me, I rub your nose in it.. playing adult an being adult, two different things an looking at Trumpie 75, he will never be adult….so age has nada to do with owing it….

Well, I am not getting sweaty sitting here…ugh I hate exercise, but I slept so good after the workout yesterday…okay, is it bedtime yet???

Margie, I remember…

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