I want to wake up!!!

In November 2011, I had comparment syndrome surgery… What’s that you ask…

Well it’s when the nerves are being strangled by the support tissue that surround those nerves and protects them… this is in the lower half of my left leg on the anterior, okay the side of the leg were your lil toe is… got it…

So when she opened me up she found my nerves being totaly cut off… in other words they was strangled and it explained why my leg gets hot, its those nerves in too confined a space, same as my neck, but in my leg, you can feel the heat, when it does it’s weird dance… I just live with it… but the reason for the write…

The operation when I know El Paso VA violated my rights and covered up injury during a operation… it goes down like this…

Laying on the table… freezing, to my left the surgeon and surgical residents that were going to watch the procedure, I made eye contact with one of the kids, but couldn’t tell ya male or female, but I know they heard me…. because as I lay their the two nurses that were doing anesthesia started arguing and I’m laying there going, I am not going to wake up, these yahoos are going to kill me and if any of you have really read this blog, you know what came out of my mouth, laying their so vulnverable…

I got the men’s attention and said, you know guys I want to wake up when this is done and the one nearest me, gave me a glare, grabbed the IV switch an pushed drugs and grabbed my head an turned it to the right…. and not gently…..

When I woke up in post op, when you aren’t suppose to remember anything… I never forget, from any surgery… never… I always have one memory from every post op, and most just flashed through my head… when I woke up and felt the trench being worn into my skin by the oxygen mask I saw my fingers, purple to my knuckles… Oxygen deprived, they had put my neck into herniation…. and you know what El Paso VA took some X-rays of my spine and neck just before the surgery and everything was fine… but not after and I made sure they documented it when El Paso VA PT contacted me…

I knew I had been hurt in that facility and was already losing my memory, from the inflamation in my spinal cord from the neck being herniated… and you know what, the men in that facility wrote in my records I was whinning!!!! VA death care is real… oh so very real….

I was just talking with hubby and I recounted the whole scenario from memory… from this goofy photo grahpic memory ability…. thank you brain… my favorite toy….

So I remember them hurting me in the operating room, an that explains why the chief of medicine bugged me so much afterwards… they knew and used my failing memory against me… corruption at its best by federal employees…

Your moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles… my ex….. funny what you find on the internet… to bad more truth isn’t out there, that would be refreshing….

So wow on this memory and what the neurologist told me is dead on….

What’s that????

I’m Remembering….


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