Good morning atheist being human…

Another hot, muggy day on big island… where bangers are finding if you don’t live Aloha, it will get broadcasted….

Tried this upload another way an it didn’t do what it should…

Even though my numbers have tripled in three weeks, that could just be a bunch of bigot moderators from WP, Google, Twitter an Face Book, looking to see if I have reasonable cause to sue those companies for censorship….

You yahoos do realize I have a lawyer among my followers???

You yahoos do realize I took on the federal government six times, no lawyer an won…degrees don’t make smart, you just passed tests…our stable genius has proved that fallacy….

Starting to warm up an we are finding, get it done early until the sun starts to cool again…

Property values are reflective of the current crisis… I do not expect to be able to sell for profit for a couple years, If I want to absorb the loss, we can leave when ever we are ready… That will depend on the dental implants If I go forward…

Day moving on without me an workout needs done before to hot…or I tell myself I’m too sore for another workout, always a battle to improve…. Thats why life is worth it…

Have a good one…we are….

Margie, I remember….

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