De ja Vu….

This link just gives you the definition of what we felt upon hubbys dads death….

Back story… Dad as I called him, had a few wives… His last one was a keeper, a true nurturing kind of person an religious… Dad was not….

When he was dying dad asked hubby, “S” will be okay won’t she… Hubby promised she would be….

Hubby fulfilled a promise for his dad an we honored that promise 6 years…. an hubby was ready to move on an that wasn’t possible with the former situation…. an I added to the problem thinking some one was more in tune with us an thats my mistake, one that won’t happen again, hubby can vouch for that… I learn from my mistakes… doesn’t mean I won’t make more, just not like this one…

In the end, our trying to move on with our lives, we were made to feel like we just killed someone…instead of honoring a promise… It sure made that promise taste sour in the end…

As they say no good deed goes unpunished…..

Like with our homes that others trashed… yep, you can’t do enough for anyone without being the trash they take out….


Just a fyi, seeing same de ja vu like behavior on the net like during the last election, keep your virus software current an active… because Russia is at it again, but so is something else an since I am not on other platforms, cannot tell the source…. stay safe…just seeing things that shouldn’t happen…

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