Am I over it???

Ya know, writing has been fun and let me use my creativity in a way I hadn’t tried, except in legal documents and those documents are what got my 100% from the VA….

But creative writing, I feel woefully inept… I don’t remember english class’s… I barely remember what to use, as for comma’s an other stuff… so as a writer, my style will never look like anyone else’s… maybe good and maybe not appealing to the intellectual…

I get Neurology wants me to document my journey, I get the reason and the theraputic part… my hand ain’t happy, but oh well… that wrist looks ugly in the picture, sure explains the pain and the pill I took a little while ago… pot doesn’t always work… especially when I have new pain from the PT… yea I know, whine, whine, whine…. boo hoo….

Okay, I’m sitting here looking at the swaying of the trees we planted from seedlings an they are already 20 foot tall… wow, we are in the wet zone on this island… you can even find desert on this island or our version of desert…

My thoughts drift to Italy and snow capped mountains, riding the train into Germany… and I flash to the time my son and I did a commercial in Tokyo… lets see if I can spell Japanese… this is what we said… nope tried can’t remember how to spell Japanese…

Our line was… Wow, Nissan Pulari can seat 8…. we did the commercial with two Japanese stars and one other American… I never saw it, but friends told me they did on Japanese TV… I never liked doing TV an declined further work for TV… now I know why…

So much joy taken from my life, because a woman who knows her god, had to have sex with another man an conceive a child that would violate mine…

Yep… time to go do something before this train of thought takes me to the ugly place… I’m saving that for my final write….

Margie, I remember…..

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