Want to know what I want??? video at end… Bird song….

Wanna know??? Curious about what I could possibly want so much it hurts????

What I cannot have, only because of YOUR choices….

I, like everyone, had dreams an hopes… those have been methodically taken from the ones I said no too… using relationship as a bargaining chip….so christian… so selfish….

As sad as your choices make me, my life is still full, with much more to come….

We can’t all have our dreams, some never get to touch theirs…. an I have worked hard to touch mine…..

Pandemic really did change things up… are you Type O blood??? Science is saying this blood type has its advantages in this pandemic…. mine is O+… my siblings are A… 25% chance Freda would have a kid with O, when the father is A+… I be the only one…..😈😈😈😈😈

Lots going on today…. fence done, now we start moving stuff so we can move the sheds, oh boy, taking them apart is the only way we can move them, to heavy for us other wise, never bored here…

Have a great day, rain, heat, humidity, noise… AC cheaper to use because of oil prices…. going to be a nice calm summer….

Margie, I remember…. bird song outside my window, female cardinal…

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