No reckoning…just more lies….

You peeps are funny, click on link…

As a human brainwashed by southern baptist as a child an have lived in said south as recently as 2010…. yep this article is dead on bigotry by white people….


We have friends that are my cousins, an we hang with them as much as we go to church….

We chose our friends an they are counted on one hand an as for family, well they have shown us, that denial of being a christian an acting like one they don’t seem to know the difference….

Question…would you let someone who is not vaccinated against the flu, sit with a hospice patient??? ARROGANT beyond belief that you think you are so special you have a right to end someones life before their time, because you are afraid of a dead virus… it won’t be dead when you transmit it because you weren’t vaccinated….

I have no control over the world population…but I have control over who walks in my front door…. an carrying death, you will never walk through it…

Life is about choice an I chose to stay alive an keep hubby around as long as possible… I will not allow you to destroy my life… My dreams you already trampled… is about choices….

Your choices, mine, are just that… My choices talked an discussed in our home, with care towards all life, not just ours…


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