No! No! No!

Coffee started cooking an just finished… All the while I have been reading news to see if anyone decided to stand up to bullies, be it gods or man, when ya gonna say enough is enough an kick their hate out of our nation????

Rooster started an hour ago…. sigh, sleeping so good…

Hear the sounds of the coqui frog, invasive little beggar is as nasty as christian Trump, but so are most invasive species, christians are no different….

Surprisingly its quiet, other than rooster an frogs….

Hawaii would be such a beautiful place if bigotry wasn’t so much of the Hawaiian lifestyle… but it is an FU is a common phrase an laughter isn’t, abuses abound towards children, the run away numbers are that high….

No Hawaii is not the hula, laid back environment… nope its violent, drug infested, rude, vulgar, hateful towards anyone not like them….

Sounds a lot like Trump an his evangelicals… Hate spreads fast on the wings of liars….

You can’t fix stupid, it has to want to be fixed an hate is easier than having humanity…. same with religion, gods are easier to worship than humanity… Amazing you sold your soul for what you will never touch…. heaven… theres not one… I died twice…but hey believe fat balding men who measure their powers by the size of their hand….

SGT USAF DAV AND I hate roosters😂😂🤪😈

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