Brain fart…

Its not the MRI clip in my breast causing pain….

It happened during PT with my arm movement an PT pointed out how the tissue, tendons, ligaments, muscle all works an I was actually aggravating it… so MRI Metal clip allergy eliminated…

Since I can’t remember an issue prior to 2008, he’s probably right… We had just moved our whole house from Arkansas to New Mexico an I was doing what I can’t anymore, lift heavy stuff….well about 20 to 30 pounds, we used tools to make lifting minimal…..

Implants … still waiting an don’t expect to hear till end of month or some time early July… once they start we are committed…. Pandemic is still calling the shots…

At eye docs place, an they are testing all patients before surgery for Covid… Our new normal, bet I will have one too if they do implants…

So, unless I back out, Implants will happen, the dentures are impossible to wear for long an painful… I also wonder if genetic issues played a part… I have found numerous pictures of female ancestors who were missing upper teeth… George Washington is my cuz, his mom is my aunt… so………

Long day done, more revelations an I am making headway into the abyss of Texas….

Have a peaceful evening….

Margie, I remember…..

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