Not what I expected….

Taking a break from chores an organizing an decide to sit down at the keyboard an practice my fingering an see If I remember chords…

Right hand no issue, no pain in wrist or arm muscles an junk…. Left not so much….

So it works, you have a stroke on the right side of the brain, your left will have issues an this issue just reminded me of a memory…

I had a piano before we went to Japan, taught myself to read music an learn what all the symbols an weird music code meant, can’t remember much, truly, and had a organ on Japan… but the issue???

Playing the chords with my left hand it happened, the forearm muscle wanted to lock in a charlie horse knot… I quit playing…

I remember trying to play volleyball in high school on Okinawa an my arms looked like someone took a bat an beat the crap out of them, I bruised that bad, from one game of … volleyball…. this was new to me, but you know what, I don’t remember having to participate in PE in high school, now how come??? It wasn’t elective, it was required…. yep, even DOD schools were in on it….Just not the person injured….. ME!!!

I lift arm weights an do things to increase flexibility an mobility in my arms an hands… things still will go flying… NEVER be in the kitchen when I am handling sharp knives, YOU could be a accidental target…. true story….

I will keep at piano practice, if the left arm continues to rebel, well someone on Hawaii that wants a professional key board, happy holidays… No need to keep it if I can’t play.. Hubby can’t even straighten his fingers the RA is that bad…. Time will tell if I keep or it goes to a new home….

Yep that pain reminded me of Japan, because I never had that issue before Texas….

Margie I Remember….

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