Holy ?????

You get up because roosters says so, no questions asked… as he continues to crow the day into being….

DOW up an down between positive an negative territory….Nice to know people are betting on your lives, like all corrupt christians do….

Boltons book, is impotent…. His opportunity came an went during the impeachment… He too sold women into 21st century slavery….

So what to write about today… Well that pain in my breast is in overdrive, which tells me, its likely a muscle or ligament or some kind of old injury bothering me an not my allergy to metal from the MRI clip… need proof though…

Hubby has busted ass getting the fence done, its a struggle to keep him out of sun… I already caught several skin cancer growths on him, this last one, I almost missed it an it had started to spread, he’s getting a mini face lift with every removal…not fair!!! But happy I saw them before they could do serious harm, biopsy confirmed cancer….

Covid on the rise… You can’t have a 2nd wave, when the first one never ended… You can’t fix stupid stupid has to want to be fixed an after Roe was exposed as bought an paid for… christians are trying to buy your silence, hows that working??? Dumb down enough yet for Trumps raping, lying, stealing, cheating, murdering god????

My eyesight has cleared, think the gunk behind my implant may still have a tiny blurry area, find out when I see doc this week….

Trump says supreme court don’t like him… He didn’t succeed in buying our courts an corrupting them, though his sister the judge retired to stop investigating into her illegal activities on the bench, did you know Judges in America can do that like the DA, retire an you can’t go after them???

Above the law, so much for that constitutional matters Trump an GOP trample upon, typical christian corrupt behavior…. DUH!!!!

DOW headed backwards, guess your lives are being downgraded by idol worshipping…..

The body is reverting to what it was when I was active duty….the foot drop, the drag of the right leg, the right side trying to compensate for what was the weak left, now its the right as weak… Which goes with spinal cord injury….

We hashed it out last night an I’m reasonably sure in the Texas near death in 1967… I got a severe TBI, Stroke an Spinal cord injury… The more I read, the more the symptoms agree with the diagnosis…

Just holy crap grown people do this to their kids an say its gods will…. never tell me you are religious , you most certainly won’t like the words that will come from this human…. any kindness, there will never be, when it comes to idol worshippers….

Ya know I can remember on Okinawa after that last blow to my head, how much I struggled with my posture at 17 years old… I got a feeling that blow put my neck in herniated position an would explain left side weakness during the obstacle course during Basic an subsequent health issues that followed…

Meaning, that breaking sound we heard a couple months ago, has happened before… I have vague memory of that sound in the past, this time three neck disc were herniated…… My whole upper body has progressively felt better as the inflammation in my neck subside…. an the neck stays in place… Tens years of that hell because of El Paso VA trying kill me on the operating table…


Sun rising, day been started as the rooster crows…next week those sheds will block that noise…

Dow down over a hundred, nice to know christians are betting on your lives….

Sgt USAF DAV, I remember Margie…..

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