Facing the Pain…

Watching hubby run the noisy knife sharpener an the noise sets my teeth on edge, as if nails on the chalk board… Now that I have your attention….. What pains you!???

For me it was watching a young woman in pain, discipline a toddler like the child understood an it did, but in a typical child abuse way…

For me its watching people be murdered in real time by authority….

For me its hearing mans god repeatedly used as a defender, as they squirrel away money off shore an rape an lie to you an say rape should be glorified, because Mary was raped…. or the father was Joseph an they screwed around out of wed lock an got caught an the romans made up the biggest lies about it…. based upon a fake religion by the Jewish nation… two scams for the price of one….

What pains me, people played god on face book an twitter, but Trumpie isn’t done yet, but you silenced this veteran, daughter of the founders of our nation….

What pains me, you think only one skin color matters, only one sex matters only what you say matters…. only what you think I should know…. matters….

This is what pains me in the 21st century….

You telling me, my life does not matter because I am a woman…..

SGT USAF DAV Survivor….. of christians worse….

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