Why does Anything have to Mean Anything??? edited

Weird, exhausted and my sense of humor is having a field day… Commercial talked about putting a label on a vehicle had to have meaning…. WHY???

Why does the sun coming up have to have meaning????

Why does death have to have meaning???

Why does life have to have meaning???

Why do humans believe what they can’t see???????????

Words are the language that life has evoled from, through and around…

Words only have meaning if they are worth something….

Look at Trump… sorry, my bad, just picturing him I gag… but, think of the little fat balding man and ask…. does his life have meaning???

The reality of it is… What you believe is the meaning of life for you… is not for me… its what You believe…doesn’t make it real to anyone else though….

I, like many other people who stick to what we are born as, atheist… don’t see the world through rose colored glasses…. nope… I see the world through the stars from which we were born… did you know that inside your body, right this very minute… is the remants of a super nova… that’s what earth is made of… that is what you are made of….

What you believe is a whole different concept… Why… because of the only god on planet earth… Your Brain….

I told hubby, as my brain comes back to who I was before all this happened… it explains why I put distance between me and the Bagwells a very long time ago… but we all want answers or at least I do.. I don’t accept what I can’t see… I’m not that dumb, nor naive… but I have to accept, like those that support Trump, there are millions if not billions that are that dumb… just saying the obvious….

I too fall into the trap of meaning, value, worth and realize… what a dumb ass I am being…

I beat them… I won… I beat the christians and the federal government…

I live on a very good income, though we do live frugile… I have health care coverage, though I have to fight the VA from time to time… I am remembering everything, doesn’t seem much left to brood about and most of all… I’m alive and some of those who did this too me… are six feet under, facing the darkness and silence that only death can bring

I know, I got to visit it twice at the hands of christians….

So does my life have meaning, since I won or are you going to damn me to eternity, because you haven’t the courage to face life without mans crutch called god or social media????

Yep, life is about choices and after the last few days of interesting messages… I don’t think they realize how much on the outside they put us and now all of a sudden that want us on the in????

What is the one thing I always told all of you, since you can remember????

Never lie to me… well, now we know why…. I may lose the thought, but I never forget the thought… and hubby, he’s learned to listen and when I remind him of the before action, he sees the lies too….

Again… we didn’t do this to you… you did this to yourselves… we asked to be included and provided the means and the address… no wedding invitation… no birth announcement…. no name for the great grand son and a picture from someone else, not the mother….

Yep… today is wearing on us both, as we face the realization… Social media is more important than morals, values, ethics and most of all honesty…. christian corruption at its best and destroyer of more lives than any war….

All of this is…. To sad to want to remember…..

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