TBI… but not the Stem…

My MRI has no infarcts or lesions or blood clots or sinus something or other, that has to do with TBI… and when I read about brain stem injury… wow… anyone who sustains one, like Inspirational Leader (she has a blog) and do what she is doing… impressive… but, she had help and support and most of all…. She knew she had a severe TBI with a poor prognosis… so definitely I bow to the young lady, she is remarkable….

I don’t think mine is brain stem… we know the front temporal lobe is the area of the brain that sustained damage and has the blood stain from a old bleed, stroke is what it was… but if it was brain stem… do I need more extensive MRI’s & MRA in contrast????

Spinal cord injury wasn’t on my radar… bone injury, because of the blunt force trauma, my body is covered in lumps from those fractures…. nerve damage, because of the beating’s… but is the nerve damage from the Spinal cord injury????

Wow, this just wasn’t on my radar… but it should have been… the weakness at basic training, the numbness at 17 in my face, the never ending pain in my back, which the military documented…. the limping, the drop foot, the headaches and goofy vision, which is now, just weird…. all of the symptoms were going on before I hit 16 years old….

Spinal cord injury just wasn’t on my radar, but if I evaluate the beating on Japan and how I responded after the 2nd blow… and how I lost time and was weak… that would explain why the christians I called parents backed off… Don’s military career was hanging in the balance and one word of injuring me again… Freda would have to go it on her own…. lil bro wouldn’t have been hatched if that had happen… you owe me brat… for keeping my mouth shut, you owe me your life, yet you stole my inheritance I paid for… go figure on the corruption of christians….

PT is going to get some questions… and if he thinks an MRI is needed after he sees the ones they did, well, guess I taking a pill to go in a tube…. I don’t like closed ones….

Hubby out doing fence so the pups can run in the big yard… listening to the news in the background, another cop charged…. how many more??? How many, because of man’s need for idols and gods???

My questions should settle the spinal cord issue… and neuro will get a call to request a MRI, per PT… that just made me queasy…. not the MRI… the thought they were capable of doing that much harm to a child, lie and steal their way through life and expect me to respect and love them????

What planet do you think we live on… in a christian bull shit world… not my house… I have every hope, they suffer, like they made me suffer… just that simple… use that evil book they worship against them… An eye for an eye and a whole hell of a lot more…

Yep, I’ll go to my grave with great hate for human’s voodoo and it’s cowardice….

I wonder if we would like Alaska????

Margie, I remember…

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