Reminds me of Fredas kitchen…

Watch the short video… Truth is uncomfortable, it always will be when you hide behind mans gods they made up, hoping to be forgiven, when you should have been convicted…

Truth has value, not to the religious, regardless of faith….

Truth has value to all life, except those who hide their crimes in bodies like mine…

Yep… when your whole life has been full of anything but genuine honest relationships , when one comes along you grab it an ride the stars from which we are made….

What I hope for an long for will never be… an hubby lets me dream anyway…. No all I ever wanted was taken long before I sacrificed all for it…now I pick up the pieces an move on knowing, what dreams I had upon that star came true in my life a long time before this life an that will just have to do…

Enough melancholy an I am fed up with this crappy app an it’s inability to follow english.. Don’t waste your money….

Margie I Remember…. SGT USAF DAV

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