Just for giggles..

Ever google yourself????

I tried with my nickname an maiden name, lol… Good luck finding me an thats a fact…

After my ex late husband used my identity…. hope his widow is enjoying what my credit bought…. but….

Why I brought that up tells ya, brain going in many directions…getting back to normal, or what I call normal…

But… having been married more than twice an almost as many as Liz Taylor… good luck figuring out what name I’m using…

After I went after the Credit companies using a old married name from decades ago… nothing is on their systems that anyone who knew me back in the day, would call me by… Make sense…

Movie stars have alias… I just happen to have been known by many an few have survived… now that should click, yes???

Finding an ex online who did good an is known, kind of blew my day away… had to explain to hubby why it was so fun to come across him….

Waiting on tomorrow or whatever day Boltons book hits…. I need some new ammunition…..Trumpie is fun to make fun of…it or he is so easy… can’t run with bone spurs…. lol, later…

Margie, I remember….. SGT USAF DAV

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