Just because you change, doesn’t mean I buy it…

Uncle Bens an Aunt Jemima, are not products I buy or ever bought….

Obviously I live what I preach….. Do you as a christian or sue-do one???

We also are not on Instagram, Face Book or Twitter… Christians do not believe in democracy…only what they can get out of it as the trod upon you….

Doubt me???Ask the people out demanding police reform an come talk to me after that….

You want us to believe you, be part of your lives, participating in all…. dumb down to the brain washing… NO???

Thats okay… you do not pay my bills or anything else, so your input has little value.. there are many who can’t say I didn’t pay their way… an yet, christian platforms have more say in your life than dad an I do…. makes for a never ending long distance relationship….which is entirely up to you to want to grow…

Pandemic changed everything, threw a wrench the size of which may be hard to overcome… When the time comes to make that decision on our final home, only two people will have a say.. Hubby an me…. you threw your chance away by supporting christians an their platforms…. an abandoning us….

Life is about choices and after a while, people move on an out of lives….because some refuse to grow…. fear is the mind killer, so is social media…

Sgt USAF DAV I remember Margie….

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