Giggle, never research an run across an EX😂😳😏

Okay, no clue how I got there or why I was reading a particular article…Got my eyes back, kind of an I am enjoying it….

Back story…

Husband #3… goodness was he a looker an everything else sweet an nice… Very smart an highly intelligent an fun to be with…. so why get rid of him…

Okay have you not read the blog??? I am lucky the one who has been with me for 26 years is still around…took patience from both of us…just saying… but #3… he deserved more an I couldn’t give what he needed an I would have made life hell for him or not, psychic I am not…but, I couldn’t give him kids an he deserved a family….

That choice to leave that marriage set in motion the rape an attempted murder of my kids an the rest as they say is history… I hope for EXs sake, his life was an is good… He achieved high, like I knew he would…. an no I don’t plan to reach out… he’s a writer though… but not what you think… yes, finding his info was pleasing an made me smile…. hope he is….

As for what I was looking for, just some goofy geek stuff I was curious about an his paper is how I got here…. who knew… still smiling, an you’ll never understand why…


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