Emotions… How do you read them???

Watching the show Tag, guess you can tell who is really watching…

Got to thinking about emotions…. I had a couple ex-hubbys fight to keep the marriage… The one thing we didn’t see eye to eye on, the emotions of the relationship…. They never got a chance to grow, even the 9 year marriage….

TBI changed how I view emotions… well, that an knowing If I showed emotions, it made me a bigger target in the fake family dynamic, so, that emotion came out with lots of sarcasm, which resulted in being taught who was boss…. as my body reflects those lessons….

I tried the lovey dovey touchy feely behavior an it just wasn’t me… I got a feeling that ability was taken from me when I was strangled an lost time….around 8 years old….

Hubby knows this an knows I’m more analytical than emotional… Emotions show up, he grabs his ass an knows it could get bumpy, because it can be quiet an it used to be explosive…

Getting my memories back changed everything, because of my desire an want for change…. It’s happened faster than I thought it would… November is fast approaching an the three year anniversary of my memory trigger will be here….

I would so like to be able to convey the emotions of the night Margie died….

The journey is not over, the end of the road is a lonely place…. when the living keep secrets….

Nighty night….

Margie, I remember….

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